IT Consultancy, Translations and Copywriting


IT and Language Services GP is your one-stop shop for the following services:

  • IT infrastructure and architecture consultancy, mainly in a Microsoft context
  • Redaction and revision of IT architecture documents (English, French, Dutch, German)
  • Translation, proofreading and revision of all documents to and from Dutch, English, French, German, and Russian

 Core Competencies

Photo by Rafael Pol on Unsplash

IT & Language Services GP skills have been acquired through years of experience in information technology, infrastructure, and architecture in an international context with large companies.

Another asset is our strong knowledge in electrical engineering, power plants and electrical infrastructure.

Our language background includes native or near-native proficiency in German, French, Dutch, English, and Russian.

The unique combination of technical and linguistic knowledge is our guarantee for unequalled high-quality documents in all supported languages as both source and target.